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Monday, April 01, 2019 10:07 AM | Susan Balcome (Administrator)

Denver Entrepreneur Education Network 

Mission Statement

To engage entrepreneurs and business experts through an educational platform that provides practical know-how, information and tools to support and fuel business growth.

Vision Statement

To become the premier source for (Colorado) entrepreneurs to inform themselves through free educational seminars and publications in order to achieve unattained business growth and success. By leveraging a comprehensive network of business experts to mentor entrepreneurs, DEEN aims to create long term financial stability for entrepreneurs, their businesses and the (Colorado) community.

Core Values

Principled Entrepreneurship – practice a philosophy of mutual benefit. Create value for all stakeholders: the entrepreneur, the business expert (mentor), the organization, and the community.

Knowledge – attain the best knowledge to improve business performance. Share knowledge proactively.

Transformation – seek development, understanding and strategies that will create business value and growth.

Self-Actualization – be a lifelong learner and realize your potential as a leader within your business and the community.


Seasoned subject matter experts provide multi-disciplinary business training to entrepreneurs and business owners, helping to create more self-reliant businesses with greater cash-flow, greater value, stronger relationships and better exit strategies.

Mentors play a key role in monthly meeting and workshops. The model is to provide free quality education thereby creating better educated members and engendering goodwill among Members toward Mentors.

Seeking Mentors who build relationships based on trust and a give first attitude. Mentors should be recognized as experts in their field, have strong reputations and the ability to bring value to members and peers. Each Mentor will drive their clientele and network to the platform to benefit from the education. Mentors thereby create value for their existing clientele by exposing them to world-class business training, but also gain opportunity to connect with other members who may need their services.


Members are entrepreneurs and business owners who seek to develop new tools, elevate their thinking and sharpen their skill sets from the world-class education provided by the network of Mentors.  

The platform is free to all Members and is most beneficial to accelerate existing businesses that are ready to move to the next level of development.

Meeting Program

Member meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, 6pm to 8pm. Agenda includes networking, Mentor Presentation, Q&A, and Announcements.


6160 S Syracuse Way, Training Room Unit #B2

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Mentors Membership Types

Gold Mentors - $500 (Limited to 12)

  • ·        1 Hour Topic Presentation (Featured Lesson)
  • ·        10 Minute Pitch - 1 per Quarter
  • ·        Logo on Website with Bio
  • ·        Logo on Marketing
  • ·        Table positioned at back of room
  • ·        Hand out marketing materials - Unlimited
  • ·        Announcement for Private Workshops
  • ·        Article postings on the Website – Unlimited
  • ·        Opportunity to lead quarterly paid workshops

Silver Mentors - $300 (Unlimited)

  • ·        10 Minute Pitch - 1 per Quarter
  • ·        Logo on Website with Bio
  • ·        Logo on Marketing
  • ·        Table positioned at back of room
  • ·        Hand out marketing materials – Unlimited
  • ·        Article postings on the Website - Unlimited

Featured Lesson – Mentors have an opportunity to lead a training session for the group to develop understanding on a topic in your expertise. This can last up to 50 minutes and is not a sales pitch but a learning session. You may close with your contact information, copy of presentation and other marketing handouts.

Pitch – Mentors will have any opportunity once per quarter to give a 10 minute presentation on their business to the group (as pre-scheduled with the Administrator).

Logos - Will be placed in obvious areas of the website and occasionally marketing materials. Mentors may also add a unique selling proposition or Bio with their logo and a link to their website (limited to 200 words).

Table - Mentors that sign up in advance or are holding a training session will be provided a table on the perimeter of the room to mingle with people prior to or after the meeting with handouts.

Hand Out Fliers – Can be a discount offering, holiday special, announcement or mini infomercial. It is limited to one page both sides unless you are the featured speaker and then you may do a full handout.

Article Postings – Mentors are encouraged to provide articles, whitepapers and case studies to publish on the Website. We request that you provide at least one article related to your expertise.

Private Workshops – Gold Mentors will receive special marketing for the workshops at other locations with their logos on announcements.

Shout Outs - Can be fundraisers, request for volunteers, items of business interest for sale, awards won or offered, special interest trainings held through this group.

It would be expected that a mentor continually sends out meeting notices throughout the year to their client list in order to build up group participation.

We look forward to having an exceptional team and a prospers New Year.


6:00pm       Sign in and Mingle

6:30pm       Meeting Called to Order

6:40pm       Intro for 2 Mentors (10 min each)

7:00pm       Presenter Topic (50 min)

7:50pm       Shout Out (10 min)

8:00pm       Next Meeting Topic and Dismiss

8:10pm       Clean up

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